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Letter from the Principal

Hello Bennett Intermediate School Tigers!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I hope you all were able to enjoy your summer.  We are excited to start our second year in the intermediate school. Although this year will look different that other years, we will work to making it the best school year!

There will be some changes this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please bear with us during this time of uncertainty and change. We are always working towards doing what is best for the staff, students, and community.  We will be working to follow at local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations set by the CDC, CDE, and Tri-County Health Department.

 4th grade students will be in a self-contained classroom.  Students will be assigned one teacher for the year just like in their 3rd grade classroom.  Teachers will work together to co-plan all instruction and instill various opportunities for interventions. This year’s 4th grade team will include Mrs. Shannon Pedersen, Mrs. Brittany Diaz, Mrs. Amanda Schneider, and Mrs. Jennifer Fox.  Mrs. Diaz will be providing our virtual instruction through Zoom sessions. 

The 5th grade schedule for the 2020-2021 school year will look slightly different from the 2019-2020 schedule.  The incoming 5th graders will have a schedule similar to their 4th grade schedule in the 2019-2020 school year.  Students will have a morning class of either ELA/Social Studies or Math/Science.  The teachers will then flip classrooms to deliver the other content area. This is to reduce cross contaminating classrooms with cohorts. This year’s 5th grade team will include Ms. Sarah Parker teaching ELA/Social Studies, Mr. Paul Evans teaching Math/Science, Ms. Abbie Mitchell teaching ELA/Social Studies, and Ms. Michelle Davis teaching Math/Science. Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Davis will be our virtual learning teachers delivering their instruction for part of their day through Zoom sessions.

The 6th grade schedule for the 2020-2021 school year will also look slightly different from the 2019-2020 schedule.  The incoming 6th graders will have a schedule similar to the 5th grade above..  Students will have a morning class of either ELA/Social Studies or Math/Science.  The students will then transition to the opposite content classroom in the afternoon. This year’s 6th grade team will include Mrs. Lori Bell-Kirby teaching ELA/Social Studies, Mrs. Corinne Hummel teaching Math/Science, Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs teaching ELA/Social Studies, and Mrs. Emily Blake teaching Math/Science. Mrs. Briggs and Mrs. Blake will be our virtual teachers delivering instruction for part of their day via Zoom.

Specials will also look a little different this year.  P.E., music, technology, and a new 21st Century Skills class taught by Mrs. Dawn Rodwell. Specials will be held outside to observe social distancing protocol until the weather turns and then they will be zoomed into the classrooms. Please encourage students to wear sunscreen and bring hats to school the first part of the year.  With the weather being nice, we will take the opportunity to get some fresh air.

Our day will begin with the doors opening at 7:30am to begin temperature checks for all students coming to school. Students walking to school will use the west entrance, while drop off will use the main front entrance. Once a student has cleared the temperature check they will be admitted into the building to begin their day in the classroom using a soft start program.  Students will report to their classroom right away in the morning to prepare for the day and participate in quiet, yet engaging activities.  This time will set the stage for our social and emotional learning time first thing in the morning. Breakfast will be available to students at this time. Classes officially begin at 7:55am with the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements.  If your student is not in their class by 8:00am, they will need to sign in at the main office.

Dismissal will begin at 2:50pm. Car pick up will look a bit different this year as we need to minimize the number of students congregating in one location. If you will be picking up your student, please call or email Mrs. Dillingham to register and get a family sign that will be displayed on your dashboard at ramied@bsd29j.com or (303)622-3234 ext. 2200. As you pull up in the pick-up lane please have your family sign displayed. A teacher and myself will radio to the classrooms the list of families waiting and the students will be released from their room to come to the main entrance. Once your student has arrived, they will quickly get into the vehicle so we can keep the line moving forward. If someone else is picking up your student that day, please make sure they have the sign. Please stay in your vehicle to reduce interactions during this time. This will be a shift from last year’s pickup procedures, but please bear with us, there are a lot of changes happening this year that we are working to implement due to the COVID pandemic.

I am excited to kick off the 2020-2021 school year.  If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to share, please feel free to me at efickbohm@bsd29j.com or (303)644-3234 ext. 2200.  I look forward to working with you and your students.



Emily Fickbohm

Bennett Intermediate Principal