Afternoon Pickup Procedures

The car pickup line at the front of the school will start at 2:50pm. Cars will be asked to park in the parking lot prior to 2:50pm as our car pickup lane is also our fire lane. Cars will need a family name sign on their dashboard so we can call students down from their classrooms. We will start calling students with the first 3-4 cars.  As those students load into the vehicle we will announce the next group of cars as they pull forward. Please remind your student to listen for their name as it is announced and hustle to the parking lot so we can be as efficient as possible. 
Bus students will be release per teacher and grade at 3:00pm to load onto busses and depart by 3:15pm from the bus lot. 
Students who will be walking home will be released at 3:00pm immediately after bus students.
If you have additional questions, please reach out to the Intermediate School at (303)644-3234 ext. 2200