Textbook Pickup

We are hosting a textbook pick up at the following times next Monday, March 23rd and Tuesday March 24th. Please note that the pickup schedule is based off  of your students last name.

A through E will be Monday from  4 to 5pm.

F through J from 5 to 6pm.

K through O from 6 to 7pm.

P through T will be Tuesday from 4 to 5pm.

U through Z from 5 to 6pm.

Extra from 6 to 7pm.


Please follow the traffic cones beginning at the Primary and make your way around.  Even if you have no students at the Primary school,  that will be your first stop.  Those students picking up technology at the Intermediate will do so at the same time.  Please reach out with any questions via email to Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Fickbohm.

Thank you!